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The Brand

Nature Talk is an Australian-made skincare company that created science-backed, organic products that use 100% natural ingredients. Owned by 3 sisters from Sydney, Nature Talk was developed after they were having issues with the skincare products they were using on themselves finding most of them contained hidden chemicals and preservatives. 

The Social Strategy

Due to their current content on the social media pages and inconsistent posting, their engagement and following were extremely low. It was also stopping them from establishing themselves as a luxury natural skincare brand that works. We removed all the content from Nature Talk’s social media pages in order to start fresh and rebrand and arranged a photoshoot to create some new content which you can read about here.

The content from the shoot was used to achieve a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic on both their Facebook and Instagram pages, placing a focus on natural beauty and its benefits. Instagram engagement increased significantly thanks to this new content, with an average of 50 likes per post and followers consistently increasing.

By aligning Nature Talk’s website and social media pages with consistent, high-quality content we were able to establish brand credibility and reinforce a positive brand image. This also will build trust with customers, leading to an increase in not only engagement but sales.

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