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Orangetheory Fitness Mosman

Orangetheory Fitness Mosman is an established boutique fitness studio, in the heart of Sydney that uses science-backed and technology-tracked 60-minute workouts to create an 'afterburn' for increased fat-burning that lasts up to 36 hours.
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Results Snapshot

103 total messenger connections
25 existing members referring new people
78 new leads
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The Issue

They were struggling to generate new member leads consistently with their previous agency, and their CPL had been historically expensive ($60 +). They were keen to see if they could generate leads at a better price.

Our Objectives

We wanted to come up with a new strategy that they had not previously used. As they had previously used paid media that did not produce results, we wanted to see if we could push the boundaries and create a new campaign strategy.

Our Process

After deciding on a new strategy, we suggested that coming into the new year was the perfect time to run a competition for a 3-month unlimited membership. As it was a large value item, we set a short time frame to enter and used a complimentary offer to generate warm leads for the club to call and turn into customers. This messenger campaign collected potential customer details

The Results

This process resulted in an ongoing, engaging audience of engaged messenger contacts who could be contacted for ongoing campaigns such as 8-week challenges etc.


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