• 103 total messenger connections

  • 25 existing members referring new people

  • 78 new leads

Their Story.

Orangetheory Fitness Mosman is an established boutique fitness studio, in the heart of Sydney that uses science-backed and technology-tracked 60-minute workouts to create an 'afterburn' for increased fat-burning that lasts up to 36 hours.      

The Problem.

As they are They were struggling to generate new member leads consistently in a digital age, and with their previous agency, the CPL had been historically expensive ($60 +). Our client was keen to see if they could generate leads at a better price. 

The Solution.

We needed to come up with a new strategy which they hadn't done before. As they had previously ran the similar offers month-to-month, we suggested that coming into the new year was perfect time to run a competition for a 3-month unlimited membership.

Being a high-ticket value item, we set a short time frame to enter (3 weeks), and used a complementary offer to generate warm leads for the club to call and turn into customers.

Orangetheory Fitness Manychat Graph

Messenger subscriber increase

Maximizing Orangetheory Mosman's Return On Investment.

It was decided we would use a Messenger campaign to collect the names, emails and phone numbers of potential members in a fun way that didn't require them to leave the Facebook platform. We created a dual flow messenger bot in Manychat - one for new members and one for existing members.

The competition was open to all members, however if an existing member wanted to enter, they needed to forward an entry onto a 'friend' to enter. When new members entered the competition, they received a voucher for a free work out which they could claim in-club. 

We now have an audience of engaged messenger contacts who we can start to target for ongoing campaigns such as 8-week challenges etc. 

Free tip: Messenger is key!

The audience in the area are quite young and tech savvy, and the ease of putting details in via messenger makes it simple and quick. This also creates an existing audience in messenger that you can use to market to in the future for ongoing campaigns. 

Subscription goodness.