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OzMobiles are one of Australia’s largest locally-sourced refurbished smartphone companies, providing all Australians with access to the cheapest smartphones. Good for your Pocket. Good for the Planet. Good for You.
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The Project

OzMobiles approached us to improve their conversion rates and enhance the poor user experience on their website. We needed to re-think how to approach their target market, and their buying behaviour in order to rebuild and redesign their brand new Shopify Plus store to improve customer engagement and user experience.


The biggest challenge we had to face was developing a sophisticated and mobile-responsive filtering system which allowed customers to get to where they wanted to be in the quickest time. Also, due to their large inventory, both key aspects of creating a great customer experience. We dove into their analytics from Hotjar to Google Analytics to create a seamless web user interface driven by each customer’s journey.

UX and Customer Journeys

With a previous low conversion rate, we used a combination of quick filtering systems and a customer driven product page to improve customer conversion, a rate which doubled in our launch week alone. Primarily targeting millennials to 45yo’s, we needed to be optimised for website speed and easy discovery of their large inventory. We adjusted the creative and brand image, all leading to seamless and natural retarget marketing.


Expose developed a fully customised website on Shopify Plus perfect for scaling large inventory, in turn increasing conversion rates and reducing cart abandonment rates. We designed bright and youth driven UI targeting millennials and Gen Z users, while fine-tuning desktop, mobile and iPad responsiveness to suit a wider range of consumer shopping patterns. Our robust filtering system allowed for OzMobiles’ customers to quickly filter through their large inventory on both home and collections pages, and target customers with the most popular and best suited products.


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