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Pennywise helps people save dosh and shop sustainably. They sell second-hand goodness plus, give lots of helpful tips and life hacks about how to save money, repair clothes and keep your bike running like new.
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The Project

Pennywise were engaging in a full brand refresh and reached out to us to re-skin their website. We had 3 key aims: create a visual experience of hope, excitement and sustainability to promote second hand shopping and saving, design something that looks just as good when it’s selling an old lawn mower as it does a diamond ring and help people get to where they need to be with as little resistance as possible.

The UX

Our biggest takeaways from this process were that clear, easy navigation was paramount for such a vast catalog. The first step was to implement a search in the main banner so when people landed on the site, they have the option to go exactly where they need to from the get-go.

Customer Journey

Using a mega menu structure made it easy for users to navigate to where they want to be. Being able to select which items appear first in the menu allowed Pennywise to push them towards the items and categories that they needed to sell first. 

The Solution

The next level was to optimize the navigation of the catalog itself. To do that, we factored in 4 key features, all with the intent to help customers shop according to what feels natural and easy for them:

  • The ability to sort by whatever criteria they choose
  • The option to view things in a list or grid depending on the amount of information they want to scan over in their search.
  • A breadcrumb to show users how they got to where they are and give them the option to go back a step (universal across the site)
  • The refine options down the side differ depending on each department to help customers find that perfect item in no time.

With thinking like this, optimizing the rest of the site to guide users on their journey seamlessly was easy, and we’re pleased as punch with the flexibility of the end result.


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