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If you're a health conscious consumer looking for high quality, whole food natural supplements, and you care about how the ingredients are sourced, then Perfect Supplements is for you. They only supply all natural supplements that have been fairly traded and ethically produced.
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Results Snapshot

4X return on ad spend
200% increase in revenue
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The Issue

After struggling to find success in setting up their own campaigns to find new customers and retarget and nurture existing customers, they needed an agency to dedicate time to their advertising. This also came down to them not having the time to manage all aspects of their business as well as creating ads, this is where Expose stepped in.

Our Objectives

We wanted to build an audience and customer list, to re-engage with previous customers and encourage them to repurchase products they had used. Their best selling product was Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen and was used in their initial campaign to spark interest.

Our Process

Starting with video testimonials and mixed messaging (long form story copy, review copy, short ‘find out more’ copy) at TOF for the Hydrolyzed Collagen, we were able to bring in new customers to the funnel with a proven, best selling product. This was our entry level product to introduce people to the brand and build awareness.


From here we retargeted people with information about the brand, appealing to customers potential pain points and showing them the high quality products on offer.

The Results

Within the first 3 months we saw a 200% increase in revenue and return on ad spend. The account has now scaled to 10X the revenue of the first months and is maintaining a consistent 4X ROAS.


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