• The Project

    Ranchlands is an agricultural-based business that operates large-scale cattle and bison ranches in the American West. Their aim is to promote the conservation of ranch lands, and quality of life for people living and working on ranches through innovative and sustainable business ventures, long-term business partnerships, and strategic alliances inside and outside our industry.

  • The UX

    We had plenty of fun working with Ranchlands to get into the cowboy mindset and envision how to bring to life the story, dedication of this family-run business. We opted to let their stunning imagery take centre stage to showcase the beauty of the ranch lifestyle and immerse users in the world of the cowboy. 

  • Customer Journey

    We brought the heart and grit of the ranch to the forefront by greeting users with a stunning banner above the fold. In the journey that follows, we followed a people-focused journey to tell the story of the ranch. The humbling respect they have for their work, the joy they take in nature and the dedication to their herds. 

The Solution

We focused on letting the scene, history and people do the talking. As a result, it's clean, rustic and timeless - just like the client. 

Free tip:

The best selling tool you have is a good story. 

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