• The Project

    Style Salute wanted to redesign and rebuild their website in Wordpress as an entirely fresh site. While we needed to migrate content over from their original site, one of the biggest new features was incorporating a 'Shop' aspect which displaying products that linked through to affiliate store sites. As the site was being used by different staff internally, we needed to ensure that the backend was easy to use and allowed for full customization of content and how it was displayed on the website.

  • The UX

    Keeping everything crisp and concise, the website was designed to let their content shine. With so many articles on different topics, it was important to highlight these different areas without cluttering pages with text using clean lines and simple features. Ensuring this was consistent gave the customer an appealing and easy experience, the results speak for themselves!  

  • Customer Journey

    We wanted to ensure that the process of viewing an article to purchasing a product from that article, was simple, and straightforward. This is also why links to other internal articles are prominent throughout the website and on every page. These aspects were crucial in keeping the customer on the web page for longer.

The Solution

Each product was individually added into the backend of Wordpress and linked straight through to the original store site with the Style Salute affiliate code embedded into the URL. These products could then be utilized individually within articles as well as be featured in Collections. All the products were then collated in categories in the 'Shop' section of the website.

Free tip: Image really is everything

It's important to have a professionally designed website as it is the first thing your customers see, make it count and keep it updated. 

Subscription goodness.