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Unicorn Superfoods

After a personal experience that saw the creators of Unicorn Superfoods see the importance of nourishing your body with wholesome foods to heal stresses and anxieties, they created a range of natural, healing superfoods. Happiness and good health are the foundations of this brand, producing tasty food without sacrificing health.
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Results Snapshot

4.10X ROAS over entire sale period
300% increase in revenue
45% returning customer rate increase
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The Issue

Running their own ads on a minimal budget was not producing the figures they were hoping to achieve. They were wanting to get serious about ads and scaling their business, but didn’t know where to start.

Our Objectives

They wanted to scale their business and find new customers while increasing their existing retention rate. We made sure to understand their brand and aim to target the right audiences to achieve their goals.

Our Process

We launched just before the Black Friday sales, putting a funnel in motion that would target new customers worldwide, as well as inform their past customers about the sale with a focus on up-selling and cross-selling. With past customer data available to us, we incorporated high-value purchase lookalike audiences at top of funnel for their best-performing countries globally.

The Results

Over the sale period, Unicorn had a 4.10X ROAS, and a returning customer rate of 45%. These figures helped create and launch the next set of campaigns to keep their numbers consistent and increase their audience.


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