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Winton's Way Out West Fest

In 2015, the beloved Waltzing Matilda Museum in Winton tragically burned the ground. In the plans to rebuild a new $22 million center, the decision was made to create a music festival in Winton as part of the celebration to be called the ‘Winton’s Way Out West Fest - Celebrating Waltzing Matilda’.
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Results Snapshot

415, 155 people reached
24.31X return on ad spend
$282,480.13 in ticket revenue

The Issue

They needed to entice ticket sales, to have a commitment from people, considering the location and distance. With the announcement in October 2017, and the event in April 2018, they needed a quick strategy and action plan to sell tickets and create brand awareness.

Our Objectives

To create a strategy, fast, and secure payments when the site went live. It was a case of; find the audience, target them hard and fast, to get the results we needed.

Our Process

Using Facebook’s Core Targeting feature we were able to promote the festival nationally to people interested in specific artists using data from initial testing to use throughout the campaign. As soon as the site went live, so did our ads, to encourage purchases and build an audience.

The Results

Within the first 24 hours, every single dollar spent resulted in over $58 of revenue. The following days saw lookalike ads find new audiences and continue to sell tickets, combining these strategies saw this event be a great success.


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