• 260% increase in total online sales

  • 4.36X ROAS for a $17.95 product

  • $20 decrease in their cost per purchase

Their Story.

Woohoo! Body is an all-natural deodorant paste and a healthy, toxin-free alternative to antiperspirant deodorants. Founders, Aaron and Phoebe, created Woohoo! and Happy Skincare (their skincare brand) with the mission of reducing the number of toxins we put on our skin. All their products are cruelty-free, natural, vegan and made in Australia.

The Problem.

Woohoo! had created an effective product and built a captivating, personality-driven brand. Their ability to build relationships with customers and re-market to them is a key, result proven aspect of their strategy, however, they were struggling to find new customers. They knew that to scale and grow Woohoo! they were going to need to focus on their new customer acquisition strategy.

Maximizing Woohoo! Body's Return On Investment.

We injected personality, education, and consistency into everything we created.
Often brands inject personality and education into all their social media marketing, from their organic Instagram posts to their email marketing and beyond. However, advertisements are regularly forgotten about. Marketers or business owners can be so focused on getting a return from their ads that they forget to build a connection and educate the customer on their product through their copy. 

All of our copy was personality-driven yet focused on educating the user as to how Woohoo! natural deodorant could benefit them. We then tailored our copy to the different stages of the funnel. If a user was seeing the brand for the first time, we focused on education, personality and then a soft well. While, if they were further down the funnel, we focused on a harder sell that was still consistent with our previous messaging. 

A promotional video we created for Woohoo! Body

We focused on fully understanding the interests and wants of their audience. 

For Woohoo!, we utilized a Lookalike and Interest-based audience at Top of Funnel. These two audiences have a consistent return of 4.36x overall and a cost per purchase of $3.58. So, we had well and truly achieved their goal of profitably bringing new people into the funnel with a 393% increase in total orders compared to the previous period.

We based our Interest Based audience on the interests of their current audience. We asked ourselves questions like ‘What else is this audience purchasing?’, ‘Who or what are they listening to and reading?’, ‘What upcoming events would interest them?’ 

We find that both broad and narrow interest-based audiences can work well and that it often depends on the product and target demographic. For Woohoo!, we focused on creating a narrow, specific interest-based audience that was still large enough to locate a significant amount of potential purchasers. To create a specific interest-based audience, we selected a key factor that we believe is a key aspect of this audience and layered our previous interest-based targeting with factor.  

This granular targeting not only resulted in a low cost-per-purchase, as previously discussed, but also increased their conversion rate by 110%. 

Free tip: education is key

Because we were educating the customers through the funnel journey, by the time they reached the website, these potential customers were educated, engaged and driven to buy.

Subscription goodness.