Winton’s Way Out West Fest

Their Story.

In 2015, the beloved Waltzing Matilda Museum in Winton tragically burned the ground. In the plans to rebuild a new $22 million centre, the decision was made to create a music festival in Winton as part of the celebration to be called the ‘Winton’s Way Out West Fest - Celebrating Waltzing Matilda’.

The Dilemma.

When we were approached to market Winton’s Way Out West Fest (WWOWF), the brief in itself was a challenge of a few levels. Firstly, we were required to create a brand that not only incorporated ‘Celebrating Waltzing Matilda’, but also Winton’s Wat Out West Fest. This was a sizeable amount of words to create an aesthetically pleasing design for. Secondly, we needed to build a website and marketing campaign that created buzz around the festival and draw people to Winton. Thirdly, entice people to buy a ticket that required a real commitment from people considering the location and distance. Never less, Expose were thrilled to be involved and embraced the challenge put in front of us. With the April 2018 festival announced in October 2017, there was limited time to ensure that the brand awareness was generated and tickets were sold.

The Solution.

The entire event proved to be a huge success including the launch of the Waltzing Matilda Centre and the 6,500 tickets sold to the festival itself. International artists and Australia’s most popular lined the main stage and wowed the crowd for 4 days as the small country town of Winton (with a population of 900 people) lit up like never before. Hotels and pubs were full morning till night with bands from around Australia entertaining into the early hours of the morning.

To be involved in this project from the start was a fantastic experience. Every single member of our team contributed to this job in one way or another demonstrating a full team effort.

here's how we did it...


Winton’s Way Out West Fest - Celebrating Waltzing Matilda was a brand which we really had to knuckle down and work through as a team. Being a long name, various challenges stood before us. The first challenge was to establish our brand had its own identity. After researching other festivals, we sat down and talked through a range of ideas which saw us settle on the basic frame work for the logo.

Our next challenge was ensuring that only did the name stand out, but also ‘Celebrating Waltzing Matilda’ while remaining united as one logo. It was also important for the event location to be highlighted. To do this, we utilised three separate fonts for the logo separating each entity that needed to have it’s own identity. From there, the final detail was colour. Four different options were discussed which represented Australia for various reason: green, burnt orange, brown and cyan. The final decision came down to matching the logo with the Winton Council colour of lime green, which everyone agreed was extremely striking.

Once the initial logo was designed, we then needed to create two additional versions: one as a landscape and the second as a portrait that had the Tourism Queensland logo attached to the top left corner. Overall, both the client and our team were very happy with the final logo and believe it was a great representation of the festival.


Aweing the audience with an impressive “WOW” experience when they first open the homepage was essential, but our main goal with the website was to showcase the artists performing at the festival. While it was initially just the headline acts, the design needed to have the flexibility to allow room for more performers to be as they were announced. The goal was to do this clearly without over complication, so user could find who they were looking for efficiently.

The structure is simple for a reason - it would be easy to overload users with information with every bit as important as the next. Since festival goers would be accessing the site regularly through the weekend the experience on mobile devices needed to feel natural using linked signposts and only ever being one click away from the homepage.

However, when it came to the design of the Roadtrip page, were really able to stretch our creative muscles. To align with the clients request for something interactive, the design team constructed a map of Queensland filled with quirky illustration representing each leg of the journey. Travellers are able to see what sights they will be passing on the way and also included some imagery to represent the main event sponsors (Telstra, Channel 7 and Qantas Link).

This Road trip map was a true collaborative effort between both Development and Design teams, each brainstorming and researching ideas on how animations could be implemented. In the end we created something that is interactive, engaging, informative and something the entire team is proud of!


The Stats:

Reach: 415,155 People

Return On Ad Spend: 24.31x

Ticket Revenue: $282,480.13

By building awareness and hype for this event we were then able to gather data and build audiences for retargeting when the time came for the festival announcement.

We were able to use Facebook’s Core Targeting feature to promote the festival nationally to people interested in the specific artists and using data from initial testing found the most popular and continued to feature them throughout the campaign.

Interested users were encouraged to sign-up for immediate notifications when ticket sales went live. This data was then used to build new audiences to maximise the reach and exposure of #WOWF.

As soon as ticket went on sale ads went out across Facebook targeted at anybody who had registered for, interacted with or showed interest in #WOWF.

A high-intensity launch technique with high ad-spend was used to maximise the impact of the launch.

The results speak for themselves… In the first 24 hours every single dollar spent resulted in over $58 of revenue!

As with all campaigns run by Expose Media, our work for #WOWF was driven by data. In the days following the launch, ticket purchase data was used in conjunction with Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature to find new audiences who were more likely to buy tickets.

social media


Their social media was key to reaching a wide range of potential customers who would be interested in buying tickets to the festival. We started off by scheduling 3x posts a week to start generating some interest and curiosity around the festival with our main aim to get Facebook Page likes.

In the lead-up to the tickets being released on sale, we upped our social media posting to 1-2 posts per day creating an urgency that that the time to buy tickets was approaching and this was a festival they did not want to miss. This push saw the powered sites sold out within 4 minutes and VIP tickets sold within 3 days.

Once the initial ticket sales rush had past, we dropped the posts back to 3-4 per week covering a range of topics including artists music video clips and sprukes, tickets push, Winton attractions and GIFs that were specifically designed for #WOWF in-house.

1 month prior to the festival, it was essential we kept the hype going and push those last minute ticket sales. Upping our social media posting to 1 per day in the first week, we then pushed it to 2-3 posts per day in the second week and 4-5 posts in the third and fourth week. This final push saw our ticket sales increase with the Tent City camping option selling out and the additional large powered sites that were put on sale.

Check out the engagement on our Facebook live with Kip Moore


Prepared to show everyone what they were missing, we sent two of our team members on site to cover all the #WOWF action.

From general pictures during the day and statuses to the opening ceremony of the Waltzing Matilda Centre and artists performing at night, everything was covered. Over the 4-days of action, we posted 46 times on Facebook with 25 Live posts.

Facebook Live videos proved to capture the most engagement with a Live video of John Williamson singing at the Waltzing Matilda Centre reaching over 91,000 people, 40K views, 861 reactions and 320 shares.

The love was continued to be felt throughout the festival with a Live video of of Kip Moore reaching over 25,000 people, 114 shares and over 600 reactions.

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