• 415,155 people reached

  • 24.31X return on ad spend

  • $282,480.13 in ticket revenue

Their Story.

In 2015, the beloved Waltzing Matilda Museum in Winton tragically burned the ground. In the plans to rebuild a new $22 million center, the decision was made to create a music festival in Winton as part of the celebration to be called the ‘Winton’s Way Out West Fest - Celebrating Waltzing Matilda’.

The Problem.

We needed to find a way to entice people to buy a ticket that required a real commitment from people considering the location and distance. Never less, Expose were thrilled to be involved and embraced the challenge put in front of us. With the April 2018 festival announced in October 2017, there was limited time to ensure that the brand awareness was generated and tickets were sold.

The Solution.

We were able to use Facebook’s Core Targeting feature to promote the festival nationally to people interested in the specific artists and using data from initial testing found the most popular and continued to feature them throughout the campaign.

Interested users were encouraged to sign-up for immediate notifications when ticket sales went live. This data was then used to build new audiences to maximize the reach and exposure of #WOWF.

As soon as tickets went on sale ads went out across Facebook targeted at anybody who had registered for, interacted with or showed interest in #WOWF.

A high-intensity launch technique with a high ad-spend was used to maximize the impact of the launch.

The results speak for themselves… In the first 24 hours every single dollar spent resulted in over $58 of revenue!

As with all campaigns run by Expose Media, our work for #WOWF was driven by data. In the days following the launch, ticket purchase data was used in conjunction with Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature to find new audiences who were more likely to buy tickets.

Winton Promo Video

Winton Reach

Spike in reach after ticket release

Free tip: you can never have too much hype

By building awareness and hype for this event we were then able to gather data and build audiences for retargeting when the time came for the festival announcement.

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