Expose X Charities

At Expose Media, we are passionate about giving back to our community. Our Charity Initiative supports one not-for-profit organisation each quarter by donating time, skills and resources to help boost marketing and awareness through digital campaigns.

Exopse Charities

How We Help

Our dedicated team of Marketers, Creatives & Web Developers put in their all to help each charity reach their goals.

- The Creative Team works to bring content to life and inspire audiences to take action.
- The Web Guys work their coding genius to optimise sites and enhance the user experience.
- Performance Marketers devise data-driven strategies to improve digital campaigns.

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Edgar's Mission

Edgar's Mission is a not-for-profit organisation providing sanctuary and care for 450+ rescued farmed animals in Victoria.

How do we help?
  • Generating donations through Facebook advertising
  • Increasing sales on their not-for-profit online store
  • Boosting brand awareness and audience engagement

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*What are the three Primary Goals of your organisation?
What is the purpose behind your organisation?
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