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Are you maximising your digital presence? Unless you have the professionals on the case, chances are you’re barely scratching the surface...

We can potentially turn $1 into $5 and help your ROI soar with our proven methods.


Through both paid and organic traffic sources, we use viral marketing to send a steady stream of engaged customers to your website.


We turn cold audiences into satisfied customers by implementing innovative tactics that help our client’s maximise their ROI and sales revenue.


Visitors leave a trail, and we make sure to follow it! If there is no immediate purchase or enquiry, we use timely and compelling ads to retarget audiences as they browse around the internet.


We help you set up an automated system that nurtures your leads for you; allowing you to stay engaged with your customers while effectively scaling your business.

Know anyone who ISN’T on Social Media?

Unlikely, with 2.5 Billion* Users worldwide!

That’s a lot of leads...

Source: eMarketer © Statista 2017

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Are you targeting the right leads?

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How We’ll raise your social status


Brand awareness is integral to all businesses; people need to know who you are before they will ever buy your goods and/or services. This is where we come to the rescue! Our experience in creating extraordinary brand awareness through digital campaigns and Facebook ads has proven to be a huge hit for clients, such as Winton’s Way Out West Fest! As a first time festival, we built the entire brands awareness by using Facebook Canvas Ads to showcase the #WOWF brand as well as festival details. Our results? Over 7212 Page Likes and 21K Unique Website Visitors!

Wintons Way Out West Fest Landing page with tour dates
Wintons Way Out West Fest Landing page with tour dates continued


Engagement is vital in order to stay relevant in the mind of your customers, whilst also providing social proof for anybody that’s considering trying your brand. Ready to hook, line and sinker your target audience, we are pro’s at using multi-media and creative content to drive engagement! Using video content for our client, Winton’s Way Out West Fest, we were able to target interested audiences and drive engagement on both ads and the #WOWF Facebook Page. The success rate for these kick ass ads was a whopping 250, 833 Page Engagements and 1131 Post Shares.


Want to drive sales and skyrocket your ROI? Say no more. Our digital experts take new customers on a journey with Facebook advertising, whilst also making sure your repeat customers are engaged and purchasing. Teaming up with Harlow Australia, we built brilliant Collection & Canvas ads to show off Harlow’s seasonal products and to allow customers the opportunity to interact and shop the looks from their mobiles. Come a little closer and we’ll reveal the results – a ROAS of 5.5x!

A Facebook ad for Harlow
A Facebook ad for Wintons Way Out West Festival featuring Kip Moore

Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation tactics will make sure that you always have a steady stream of new prospects for your business to capitalise on. Unofficially naming ourselves the “Lead Magnet”, our dating profile would say that we’re Lead Form & Messenger Bot legends. For our pals, Centennial Health Club, we utilised user-friendly Facebook Lead Forms to gather data from potential leads and then retarget those who didn’t sign up with messenger bot ads to push them over the line. And the winner of the best digital marketing scores goes to… us, with over less than $14 per lead and over 70 leads in 3 weeks!

A Facebook ad for Centennial Health Clubs



We liaise with our clients to create a detailed brief and overview of their position in the market, goals, targets, demographics and operations. From here, we use a sales funnel model and objective-driven strategy to create customer journeys that generate measurable business and marketing results.We tailor the customer experience based on their position within the funnel, in order to identity and guide new customers and retain loyal ones.

Within the Expose team, and in collaboration with our client’s, we develop detailed plans and proposals that actively represent and reflect your business’s purpose, vision and mission.



In order to find the perfect solution we perform extensive market research, competitor analysis’ and numerous rounds or trialling and testing. Within this, we test all elements of our social campaigns, including copy, imagery, formats and objectives, in order to ensure high quality, adaptability and relevancy.

Through Facebook’s services and algorithm continually changing and updating, we make sure to experiment and review all of our content. This ensures that your business will remain relevant and evolve with the ever-changing digital ecosystem.



Using a creative formula of engaging copy, video and photographic production, we build social campaigns that deliver unique customer experiences and drive consumer engagement. Our ability to express with creativity and communicate with power, enables us to connect with diverse and unique audiences.

By putting ourselves in the mind and emotions of the customer, we are able to understand their consumer behaviour and actions and customise your product/service accordingly.



From the initial launch of pushing your ads live, we track and report activities across all of our productivity and projects to provide real-time insights and analytics. By investigating into the digital ecosystem, we optimize our advertising efforts and fine tune our digital campaigns.

This process and development is a continual cycle that allows us to manage data and meet the client’s desired KPI’s.


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We generated approx 8000 followers for a recent client on Facebook and Instagram - plus ongoing high engagement through posts and video content.

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